Monday, February 19, 2018


With the great name of Al Flipside on this record label I knew it would be a great punk band!

POPDEFECT - Live With This LP 88 w Punch Drunk LP 92

REPOST and ADD ON:  Kind of a pure rockin' punkish band by golly!!

hammerbox - st LP 91 w Numb LP 93

REPOST and ADD ON:  Great 90's female led band!


Very cool band with post punk sound.

Sweet Apple - st LP

Some cool countrified fun.

RAM JAM - st LP 77 w Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Lam LP 78

REPOST and ADD ON:  This is the FIRST band to cover Ledbelly's 'Black Betty' in aggro fashion.
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TALK TALK - The Colour Of Spring LP 86

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Someone had pulled this out as a classic by the band when I had posted all the stuff I got from other blogs so when I saw this one in the wild, I had to get it


Some later career tunes by this sixties band.

HOYT AXTON - Thunder'N Lightnin' LP 63 w Less Than The Song LP 73 w Life Machine LP 74

REPOST and ADD ON:  Just added the middle album.
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GRAHAM NASH - Songs For Beginners LP w Wild Tales LP 73

Didn't realize he was originally in the Hollies as well.

DAVID ESSEX - rock on LP 73

Then of course you have heard the title track, "Hey kid rock n' roll...rock on!".


Features Jack Bruce from Cream and others.

Friday, February 16, 2018

NO DICE - st LP 78 w Loaded Promo EP 78 w 2 Faced LP 79

REPOST Request:  I am told these are the U.K. versions with different songs than the U.S.

JANE SIBERRY - No Borders Here LP 84 w Mimi On The Beech EP 84 w Speckless Sky LP 85 w The Walking LP 87 w Bound By Beauty EP 89

REPOST Request:  Later in her career was called Issa.  Looks like I need to search again for an EP or two so will add to this.

VA - The Wild Life

REPOST Request: Bands are:  Bananarama, Edward Van Halen, Hannover Fist, Charlie Sexton with Ron Wood, Andy Summers (again!), Van Stephenson, The Three O'Clock, Louise Goffin w Charlotte Caffey and What Is This?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Pöblers_United_(1995)_-_Full_Contact_EP w Comp. Trax

REPOST Request:  Some great old Swedish punk!!

46 SHORT - specimen LP 99

REPOST Request:  Some pretty cool hardcore from this band with ex-members of Final Conflict per the comment. (however, probably not the cool one from our MN scene but the CA band).

Doctor Hook And The Medicine Show - Doctor Hook LP 72 w Sloppy Seconds LP 72 w Shel Silverstein - Freakin' At The Freakers Ball LP 72 w Belly Up! LP 73 w Bankrupt LP 75 w RAY SAWYER - st LP 76 w A Little Bit More LP 76 w Revisited LP 76 w Makin' Love And Music LP 77 w Pleasure And Pain LP 78 w Sometimes You Win... LP 78 w Rising LP 80 w Players In The Dark LP 82

REPOST Request:  Historic popular early U.S.A. local touring band in kahoots with Ruby Stone (search above) and Black Oak Arkansas.  Looks like I am missing st LP and Belly Up LP will bring.
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