Thursday, May 17, 2018

THE PLAYN JAYN - Friday The 13th At The Marquee Club LP 84 w I Love You Like I Love Myself 12 EP 85 w Five Good Evils LP 85

REPOST Request:  This will always be a top band for me with their mix of 80's Paisley Underground and driving punk rock energy.
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Kilkenny Cats - Hands Down LP 86 w Hammer EP 88

REPOST Request:  You can search their name above in upper left to find another compilation highlighting this band and others in that old Georgia band scene.

The Neighborhoods - Live 79 w No Place Like Home 7 80 w Fire Is Coming LP 84 w ...the high hard one..LP 86 w Reptile Men LP 87

REPOST REQUEST and ADD ON:  Thanks again to Felipe from Brazil at his now defunct Isksp blog for the early 7 and to the trader who sent the Live 79 CD!
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HUMAN SWITCHBOARD - Who's Landing In My Hangar LP 81 w 7's 77 78 79 w Live ROIR Coffee Break tape 82

REPOST Request and ADD ON:  Wow thanks for the request, I had forgotten I had the ROIR tape rip from Felipe in Brazil at his now defunct Isksp blog. 
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VA - Rodney On The ROQ Vol. I LP 80 w Rodney On The ROQ Vol. II LP 81 w Rodney On The ROQ Vol. III LP 82

REPOST Request:  As you can see by the pictures, I ripped just the third album and the rest from other blogs.  Volume I features the bands:  Brooke Shields, Agent Orange, Adolescents, Circle Jerks, U.X.A., Klan, Black Flag, Rik L Rik, Crowd, David Microwave, The Nuns, Fender Buddies, Vidiots, Simpletones and New York,  
Volume II features the bands:  Target 13, Social Distortion, Shattered Faith, Black Flag, Minutemen, Red Cross, Channel 3, Agent Orange, Red Rockers, Unit 3 w Venus, Stepmothers, Gleaming Spires, Little Girls, Levi & the Rockats, Twisted Roots and good old GEZA X
Volume III features the bands:  J.F.A., Channel 3, Radio Moscow, Ill Repute, Vandal's, Catch 22, Pariah, Red Scare, No Crisis, RUDI, Unit 3 with Venus, Bangles, Action Now, Signals, Gayle Welch, Radio Music and David Hines.
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THE MIX - American Glue LP 80

REPOST Request:  Pretty rare one here judging by the comments so by all means snatch one up out of the wild if you see one to keep it out of a future landfill.  BTW that was reason I started to blog.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

LISA BURNS - st LP 73 78

O.K. mid-week hot request here for Chris Mayek.  Some 50's style crooning by Lisa with some really great tunes.  On a related note, just found out that Helen Schneider plays Eddie's wife and bandmate in the Eddie and the Cruisers movie?

Silver Convention - Save Me LP 74 w Greatest Hits LP 77

One of those dollar finds where a few songs on the Greatest Hits were scratched badly so they threw in another vinyl to cover the songs.  However, three rare songs had so many scratches I left as is so anyways here are some real groovy German women.


SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Scroll down to no more then a few weeks of posts here and you will find the rest from this band.  I added the 'The Hero' movie soundtrack tunes so you can play all at once.  They make a busy loaded sound with all those appendages...LOL.
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Monday, May 14, 2018


Have yourself a delightful day with the GHOUL BROTHERS!!!


Had to get this immediately when I realized I missed it in my last post by them a few weeks ago....just schroll down to it from here as generically named bands like this are hard to search for, eh?

Tonio K. - Life In The Foodchain LP 78 w Amerika LP 80 La Bomba EP 82 w Romeo Unchained LP 86 w Notes From The Lost Civilization LP 88

REPOST and ADD ON:  Here is what I said before:  Thought this artist might be some offshoot R&B type like The System but hard to put your finger on having socially conscious very cool lyrics with a street punk feel and green vinyl from 78 which was a great year for it after first year 1970.  Some buried gems for songs.
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VA - Sound Of Silents LP 74

Love this kind of thing, such innocent times, you could turn your life into a silent film listening...

TRICKSTER - st LP 77 w Back To Zero LP 79

Had to be a rock and roll band with this name and they are pretty good towards hard rock too.
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PIGBAG - Papa Got A EP 81 w Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jive EP 82 w Lend An Ear LP 84

I did not realize this band only lasted from 1981 to 1983 so this must be most of their stuff but interestingly enough Mark Underground had posted their Greatest Hits album which was before my time of archiving this website, buuuut most of their notable tracks are here including the JB cover.  New is the 1984 that some Discog's seller GAVE TO ME with the how cool is that??
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VA - "The Hero" Movie Soundtrack LP 72

Main band on this is HEADS, HANDS & FEET and since I am posting their first 2LP this week, I will tack on these few songs of theirs too to that post.  Great tune!

HEADS, HANDS AND FEET - Home From Home (The Missing Album) CD 95

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Had to get this missing link so to speak after posting the later two albums a couple weeks ago, I found this and the first double album and the Hero movie soundtrack that they put songs on.  The first 2LP came in the mail yesterday so will post this week.

VA - Twin Town Music Yearbook CD 97 98

As you may have noticed this year I have started converting my CD's here and there as they are getting near the 'compact disc rot' stage as I have to rip some a few times to get the corrupted songs as they slowly become unlistenable.  This is a great series and I have three of them that I would get at the Radio K office when I would win stuff by calling up the station visiting my fave secretary Lois!  Features:  Ousia, Strawdogs, Beyond, Frances Gumm, Trailer Trash, The Odd, Krudler, Calvin Krime, Phull Surkle, Innocent, The Siren Six! (will post their awesome CD soon!), Freedom Fighters, Glenrustles, Rank Strangers, Ten Ton Bridge, John Casey, Plain Jane, Jinkies, John Devine And The Cosmonauts Group, The Sensational Joint Chiefs and Tulip Sweet And Her Trail Of Tears.