Friday, April 20, 2018

Roky Erickson - Gremlins Have Pictures LP

REPOST Request:  Had a request for just this album as he wanted to hear the cover of "Heroin' as the CD version is much better than the LP version.  I didn't do this rip but it looks like we have the CD version...hope so..anyway I found one other live version that I added in.  It is a choice cover I hadn't noticed the first time.

TO DAMASCUS - come to your senses LP 87

REPOST Request:  Band is by former SWA member Sylvia Juncosa who is very talented!


I had posted this band a couple times and each time it gets taken down through a request at blogger so I will let this link expire automatically 30 days after the last download  Someone had requested just this record however which is a soft spot for me because it happens to be the only one I had back in the day that I taped on my buddies old tube amp phonograph so good quality.  In my previous post I had found this record along with others but they repeat songs and so this album really didn't get posted but from other albums, I made sure I included all the songs.  So it dawned on me that I had it complete on tape so here ya go!  My buddy would practice bass as I taped some of his albums but this album I would have to say he played the most and we would jump around to it in his room.

THE SPECIALS - st LP w MORE SPECIALS LP w Ghostown EP w Too Much Too Young Live EP

This is from another old tape of vinyl from my buddies quality tube amp phonograph thus a nice warm sound and I was able to still cut out the pops, etc. like normal.  Part of this was on the flipside of the Bad Manners tape so I figured it was time to keep in digital form on my laptop.  The band just played First Avenue last year with some great shows.  I've seen the band back in the day but have seen the Special Beat more times.
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Monday, April 16, 2018


The second 2010's band I have ever posted beyond my sister's friend's band 'Pill Hill'.  Was recommended by the discogs seller so I added it to my purchase and was worth it.

Polyrock - st EP 80

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  One of those bands that would appear regularly on the old First Avenue Club calendars in the early eighties because they were 'picked to click' by RCA.

Tar Babies - Honey Bubble LP 89

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Since I started this bloggin' thang back in 2008, before the time of Discogs, I am now starting to use it and am finding glaring holes in my core punkish stuff like I never had this album but the others were in my top album catagory.  The band who had an answer with the album before this to when Meat Puppets III came out.  From WI.

Mike Harrison - Rainbow Rider LP 75

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  R.I.P. to Mike a couple weeks ago, one of the finest vocalists to have performed, from Spooky Tooth.

Up with People! LP 64 65 w In Hollywood LP 65 w st LP 77

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Amazing what the Universe brings you when you open yourself up to it's forces!  Got all three of these at one time at a random lunch break stop at God's Own Goodwill as I call it.  All in mint condition and a surprise endorsement by the Duke on the first album cover!!!
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The Independents - The First Time We Met LP 72

Gradually tracking down these old soul hits I used to hear regularly on the old radio show 'Back in the days of Soul" Sundays nights on KMOJ.  This song I always had a good laugh at when the spoken dialog began when he complains of getting home and 'the dinner wasn't all fixed'.  Great tune called 'Just As Long As You Need Me (Parts 1 and 2)'.

VA - WFIL the sounds of philadelphia - Rockin' In The Cradle Of Liberty LP 73

Another great old compilation from the dollar sale a month or two ago.  Features:  George McCrae, First Class, Major Harris, Love Unlimited Orchestra, Terry Jacks, Jim Stafford, Helen Reddy, Bobby Womack, Tony Orlando and Dawn, Maria Muldaur, Bo Donaldson And The Heywoods, Gladys Knight And The Pips, Steve Miller Band, Al Green, Ray Stevens and Spinners.

JOE PERRY PROJECT - Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker LP 83

The Aerosmith side dude!  I liked the tune on the comp. from two weeks ago.  Need early two records though I would think.

DAVE DAVIES - AFL1 3603 LP 80 w Glamour LP 81 w Chosen People LP 83

Ray Davies guitar playing brother from the Kinks!
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I think this is the country music Alex not from the Sensational band that I thought.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

RENAISSANCE - st LP 69 w Illusion LP 71 w Prologue LP 72 w Ashes Are Burning LP 73 w Turn Of The Cards LP 74 w Scheherazade And Other Stories LP 75 w Live At Carnegie Hall 2LP 76 w Novella LP 77 w A Song For All Seasons LP 78 w Azure D'Or LP 79 w Camera Camera LP 81 w Time Line LP 83

Yes, we sure have covered some of the best 70's prog rock of all time and this band has it's place.  Did crowd funding for their last album in 2013 I believe.
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SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Not easy finding these old 80's mainstream tapes and so I was excited to find this and a little more loose vs. the albums (hope the link is still up).

THE NORTHSTAR BAND - Tonight The Northstar Band LP 79

Great bar band that really has some very skilled parts of songs that really stand out.

ROXETTE - Look Sharp! LP (tape) 88

Better than I thought, quite impressive in fact.  May have to collect more from this artist later on.